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The Emerald Project seeks to combat the misrepresentation of Islam. At Emerald, we believe it is the lack of understanding of Islam that has led to widespread Islamophobia and mispractice of the religion. We are here to separate Islam from culture and from politics. One conversation at a time.

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We are stronger when we move forward together. Join us! Whether at events or from behind a computer we can use your help! Lets build Emerald together.

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The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) began a long term partnership with the Emerald Project in 2018. Since then, we’ve collaborated on a community conversation exploring the separation of Islam, culture and politics, and we’re excited to open an exhibition in the UMFA’s ACME Lab in the fall of 2019 that celebrates the voices of our Muslim community.

Jorge Rojas

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Emerald Project is making a good impact in our state UT. They are a young professional team who really have the passions to fill the gap between muslims communities and non muslims and to introduce our beautiful religion of islam in a good way. Thank you so much for having you here in UT and we will support you.

Yussuf Abdi

Imaam, Madina Islamic center

Really professional group of people who talk about issues in an open dialogue to clear up common misconceptions about Islam. They are very educated on the topics they discuss and love to share their knowledge and expertise with anyone who has questions. I would recommend coming to an event to be a part of the conversation regardless of what you believe personally.

Emmaline Farr

Graphic Designer

The Emerald Project is such an amazing organization with such amazing women leading us. As a Muslim teenager it is hard to find a place in society here in Utah, but I can’t wait for all of the great things that we are doing. My favorite aspect of this project is the delegitimization of the stereotypes set on Muslim people.

Daud Mumin