Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do we need Emerald Project?

    Emerald Project  was born as a reaction to the Muslim ban in 2017. It was clear that the misrepresentation of Islam had become so pervasive that it impacted the freedom of Muslims in the United States. Misinformation was everywhere and intolerance was at an all time high. Emerald Project was born to bring about accurate information in a diplomatic manner. We exist to bridge the gap between Muslims and Non-Muslims and build unity within our own Muslim community. We saw a need for space where Non-Muslims could feel safe to ask questions about Islam so we reacted by offering dialogues in neutral spaces. Today we are not limited to dialogues but that is where we got our start.

  • How has Emerald Project made a difference?

    Since our 3 part series “Is Islamophobia Real?” in February 2017, Emerald Project is blessed to amplify Muslim voices within Utah. From the Ummah Exhibit at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts to Slam the Islamophobia, Muslims were seeing themselves represented and heard. From training the FBI and UTA Trax Police to the Mayoral Forum, local and state officials are now more informed about how to interact, understand and advocate for Muslims. See our “Projects” tab to learn more!

  • Is Emerald Project an Islamic [religious] organization?

    While it is a requirement to be Muslim to serve on our team, Emerald Project is not a religious organization. We are not Islamic scholars, nor do we focus on spreading Islam. We are in the business of combatting the misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims. We do this in many ways, but at our core we strive to separate Islam from culture and Islam from ideology.

  • How do I get involved with Emerald Project?

    We’d love to work with you! 

    To apply for our Ambassador program please complete this application.

    To volunteer please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Ali Abbas, at For all other requests please contact us at

  • How can my organization collaborate with Emerald Project?

    We love to work with other organizations and businesses. If you are interested in a potential collaboration with Emerald Project please shoot us an email at

  • Who has Emerald Project worked with?


    FBI, UTA Trax Police, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University, Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office, Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office, Islamic Society of Bosniaks, U.S. Census Bureau, click here to view more!