Executive Team

  • Satin Tashnizi

    Executive Director / Co-founder

    Satin graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, a bachelors degree in International Studies and a bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies. She wrote her honors undergraduate thesis on Millennial voting after working to bring the first ever voter center to her campus. Recently, her work to empower young voters was featured in Forbes. In 2015 she interned at the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC. As a fluent Farsi speaker, and the proud daughter of Iranian immigrants, she was proud to work as an interpreter serving refugees and migrants in the community. She started her career at Goldman Sachs in 2018, and was appointed by Governor Herbert to the board of the Multicultural Commission in 2019. In January of 2019 Satin gave a Ted Talk titled ‘How we can defeat terrorism’ where she highlighted the separation between political ideology and Islam. Satin proudly serves as the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Emerald Project working alongside her team to combat the misrepresentation of Islam.

  • Nora Abu-Dan

    Chief Operating Officer / Co-founder

    Nora Abu-Dan is Utah born but both her parents are from the holy land of Palestine. She graduated from the University of Utah in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Spanish. Nora is also a former reigning Miss United Nations USA and used her platform to educate youth on using their voice to make a difference. In 2016, Nora went on to become an Arabic Interpreter for refugees who were seeking safety from their war torn countries. She found her passion in helping others establish a new life in America with the promise of hope and peace. Shortly after, with all the misinformation and hate that was being perpetuated about Islam and Muslims, it was time to make a change. Nora co-founded Emerald Project in 2017 and in the future, she plans to be a Peace Ambassador for Palestine and help rebuild this war-traumatized nation, one conversation at a time.

Our Team


  • Ali-Abbas Sial

    Senior Director of Operations

    Ali Abbas Sial is a 21 year old Pakistani American. He joined Emerald Project in March of 2018 as an Ambassador. In October of 2021 he was promoted to Director of Special Projects. Ali Abbas is a senior at the University of Utah and is studying Chemistry. He has volunteered at the University of Utah Hospital with Connect2Health, Utah Islamic Center, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Parliament of World Religions, and the American Red Cross. Ali Abbas has worked as an associate instructor for the Math and Chemistry Departments at the University of Utah and volunteered as a TA for Physiology. He is a recipient of the Lloyd E. Malm Memorial Award for outstanding performance in Chemistry.

  • Tala Shihab

    Director of Outreach

    Tala Shihab is a first-generation Lebanese-American born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a senior at the University of Utah majoring in Health and Kinesiology and working towards a career in dentistry. She has been with Emerald Project since 2019 in hopes to create a bridge between self-actualization and community contribution for young Muslims. In her free time, she loves to learn new crafts such as crochet, embroidery, jewelry making, and sewing! She is also involved with pre-dental clubs at the University of Utah serving as President of Future Women of Dentistry and Pre-dental Society. Tala is currently a teaching assistant in the University of Utah Chemistry department teaching general and organic chemistry. She looks forward to continue watching Emerald Project grow and being a part of an amazing team!

  • Areesha Nazir

    Director of People

    Areesha is a first-generation Pakistani-American and an undergrad student at the University of Utah double-majoring in Information Systems & Marketing. She serves as the Director for the Community Service Board of the Union Programming Council at the U where she aims to serve underrepresented communities on campus and provide opportunities for students to participate in community service. She has participated in many other campus organizations such as Business Scholars, the Pakistan Student Association, the Freshman Ambassador Board, and the FeedU Pantry. She joined Emerald because of her dedication and passion for service and she wanted to give back to communities that have always supported her. Areesha’s goal at Emerald Project is to create a sense of representation for the Muslim community, especially Muslim youth.

  • Salma Djalal

    Director of Marketing

    Salma is a first-generation Chadian American, born and raised in Salt Lake City. She is the Founder of Wuruud, a creative collective that offers a platform for Muslim artists and creatives. Currently studying Strategic Communications and Design at the University of Utah, Salma is passionate about storytelling through art and cultivating inclusive spaces. Alongside her studies, she volunteers as an Islamic studies teacher and administrative assistant at Khadeeja Islamic Center. As an artist and writer, she channels her creativity into various endeavors. She serves as the Marketing Director for the University of Utah’s Muslim Student Association and works as a communications and social media strategist for the Salt Lake City Council. Through her involvement with Emerald Project, she aims to foster a meaningful community and inspire young Muslims to share and embrace their diverse experiences and identities.

  • Sama Salah

    Director of Programming

    Sama Salah is a proud first generation Egyptian American. Her parents immigrated to Utah from Egypt shortly after they were married, and she was born in Provo. She is currently a Junior at BYU studying Experience Design and Management with a minor in Sociology and French. Sama is the co-founder of the BYU Arab Student Association, the first student organization for Arab students in Utah in over eight years. She is also currently the secretary for the BYU Muslim Student Union, and the founder and President of the BYU Fashion Collective. Sama has been volunteering with Hope Humanitarian in refugee camps abroad in Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon for more than six years, which has fostered within her a deep love and appreciation for charity and giving back to the global Muslim and Arab community. Sama currently works as a Student Experience and Research Specialist at the BYU Office of Belonging, and has planned and administered planning for over ten events since her employment a year and a half ago. Sama is passionate about the history of the MENA region, as well as her Egyptian heritage and culture. She is heavily involved in civil advocacy, and frequently uses her voice to speak up about injustices and social issues. In her free time, Sama likes to paint, read, and watch french and arabic romcoms. Sama joined Emerald Project in May of 2023 and was promoted to Director of Programming in June of 2023.


  • Yasmine Abuelhija


    Yasmine is a student at the University of Utah studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in music. She is a Palestinian American who joined Emerald in hopes of bringing new perspectives into standardized conversations and encouraging others to embrace their cultural differences. Yasmine finds great passion in music. She plays the cello in the university’s premiere orchestra, the Utah Philharmonia, and volunteers her time performing for retirement homes through her non-profit organization, Giving Bach. At the University of Utah, she is a research assistant for the Cardiovascular Pathomechanics Lab, which works to understand the connection between mechanics and cardiovascular disease progression. Yasmine is grateful to Emerald Project for giving her the opportunity to be a voice for a community she cares deeply about.

  • Tala Hammond


    Tala is a Palestinian American who joined emerald in July of 2022 and is very excited to continue to be part of it and in spreading its mission. She just graduated with an international studies degree. She is pursuing her masters now with a global health emphasis. Tala is Vice President of the pre health club on campus, on the executive team for the American chemical society on campus, volunteers as a TA for organic chemistry I and organic chemistry II, volunteers weekly in the division of geriatrics at the university hospital and is a Girl Scout troop leader. She was recently granted the 2022 summer UROP award and completed her undergraduate research project on the role of liver-specific autophagy in hepatic homeostasis and presented her work at the symposium. She recently just got married. She is passionate about traveling and recently went on a health program study abroad in Thailand. She is excited to be a part of emerald and the team.

  • Hibba Ahmed


    Hibba Ahmed is currently a Sophomore at the University Of Utah studying Criminology with a minor in Strategic Communications. Hibba is a first generation Pakistani immigrant, and came to the United States when she was six years old. Hibba is currently a University Of Utah Ambassador, which means she travels, recruits, and represents the University. She is also a part of the Student Innovation Council which reviews proposals for the University, and she provides perspective as a minority on campus. Through the school’s student government, Hibba served on First Year Council and also was a part of the Diversity Scholars cohort which offered her specialized workshops and courses, multiple mentoring relationships, and off-campus community engagement opportunities. Hibba also dedicates time to the First-Generation Cohort on campus. Her goal at the Emerald Project is to develop her skills as an advocate, and educate others about Islam.

  • Mayar Abdulhadi


    Mayar is a first generation Iraqi in the United States. She was born and raised in Jordan before she and her family moved here in 2009. Mayar is currently working as a realtor here in Salt Lake City. Mayar’s goal is to help people establish a solid foundation in their community for generations to come. She uses her passion for real-estate to do so. She believes in the importance of homeownership and how it can play a role in stability and building wealth for generations to come. Mayar also has a passion for writing and public speaking. She joined Emerald in May of 2022 after she met the group during Muslim youth conference. Mayar hadn’t felt a sense of a muslim community most of her life here in the states. With Emerald’s help, she was able to step into her power and help herself and others in the community have a voice to speak up and combat the misrepresentation of Islam.

  • Amina Qader


    Amina is an Iraqi American born and raised in Utah. She is currently studying Health, Society, and Policy at the University of Utah with the hopes to one day pursue a career in dentistry. She is currently a girl scout leader for the Muslim Girl Scout Troup of Utah and enjoys spending her time fostering the creativity of those young girls. She is also a volunteer with the Al-Mustafa Foundation where she gets to make the world a better place surrounded by great people. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and painting. In joining Emerald Project she hopes to become a part of a community that has a positive impact on today’s Muslim Ummah.

  • Amer Al-Shuqairat


    Amer Al-Shuqairat is a Jordanian-Palestinian and was born in Columbia, Missouri. He’s a 20 year old Muslim at the U studying Information Systems Pre-Med. During his free time he likes to journal and work on himself. Through joining Emerald Project he hopes to be able to motivate younger Muslim boys to prioritize themselves, their family, and their education. His hobbies include collecting vinyls and playing tennis whenever he can.

  • Mariam Safeudien


    Mariam is currently a student at the University of Utah, majoring in Economics, and minoring in Information Systems and Political Science. She was born in Egypt and later moved to Utah with her family. Mariam’s involvements on campus include being part of the Union Programming council where she serves as the marketing Associate Director, Businesses Scholars recruiting ambassador, which means she mentors a group of 10 freshman students on trips, classroom, etc, as well as recruiting students to the University of Utah. Additionally, she helped co-found the Arab Student Association on campus where she serves as the Vice President with the mission to “bridge cultures, and build communities” across campus. As a proud Muslim, her goal at Emerald is to inspire young Muslims to be proud of their identity, and to continue to embrace their faith in their day to day life.

  • Tahery Ahmad


    Tahery Ahmad, a first-generation Afghan-American student, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an emphasis on Cybersecurity at Utah Valley University. Previously, Tahery served as a Digital Literacy Consultant at the University of Utah, where he introduced students to innovative technologies. Additionally, he co-founded Moms Who Code, a program dedicated to empowering stay-at-home moms with coding skills. With a passion for community empowerment, Tahery is determined to make significant contributions to the cybersecurity field while continuing his impactful work in leveraging technology for social good. His dedication to promoting digital literacy and empowering marginalized communities underscores his commitment to utilizing technology as a tool for positive social change.

  • Hanan Osman


    Hanan Osman, a first-generation Somali who was born in Kenya but raised in the United States, is a senior at Utah’s Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science. Hanan has had the opportunity to excel in AMES’ demanding academic environment, where obstacles have played an important role in her personal development. Hanan intends to attend the University of Utah. Hanan plans to double major in computer science and mathematics. Additionally, she intends to further her academic pursuits by earning a master’s degree in mathematics, allowing her to enhance her expertise in her chosen field. Her hobbies include baking, reading, and rock climbing. Hanan wants to assist others in understanding her religion and learn how to be more comfortable being herself as a young Muslim woman in today’s world. Through the Emerald Project, she intends to inspire others to share and embrace their differences as well.

  • Imran Azmi


    Imran Azmi is a first generation Pakistani American. His parents came here in the 90’s from Karachi, Pakistan. Imran graduated with a B.S. in Statistics and Data Science from UC Santa Barbara in 2023, and now works as an Analyst at Goldman Sachs. He has participated in many organizations during his education, such as Alpha Phi Omega, Pakistani Student Association, and UNICEF. Having been a recent transplant to Utah, Imran joined Emerald to become more involved in the community and help create a better future for the youth.


  • Kristin Vazquez

    Advisory Board Member

    Kristin Marie Raffone Vazquez, Esq. is the President and CEO of Raffone Dessiné, a legal services provider. She has over 16 years’ of comprehensive legal experience. Ms. Vazquez has extensive experience in emerging growth companies, and in particular, mergers and acquisitions, business combinations and joint ventures. Ms. Vazquez has licenses to practice in New York, Connecticut and Utah. She has been recognized as one of the Utah’s Legal Elite for her accomplishments in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. She was also featured in Salt Lake Magazine’s Women to Watch feature for her business consulting and fashion accessories business “Raffone Design.” Ms. Vazquez is a member of the Utah Bar; Utah Minority Bar Association; Utah Lawyers for the Arts; Sandy Chamber of Commerce and Utah Technology Council. Ms. Vazquez is also a certified business and executive coach.

Emerald Team Alumni

  • Yassin Abdallah

    Former Ambassador

    Yassin is a high school student from Berlin. In May of 2020, Yassin graduated from Hillcrest High school. Before coming to the United States he was active in the Muslim Youth Organization of Berlin. He is a passionate soccer player and Hertha BSC fan. His roots are Tunisian and Bosnian, but he was born and raised in Germany. His goals are to make this world a better place. His hobbies are hanging out with his friends, traveling, playing sports and hiking. He is interested in meeting new people and loves to hear their stories.

    Served | June 2019 – June 2020

  • Ermina Mustafic Harambasic

    Former Director of Sponsorship & Outreach

    Ermina Mustafic is a first generation college student studying Political Science at the University of Utah. Ermina and her family came to the U.S. as Bosnian Muslim refugees in 1998 and settled in Utah. Her passion for educating people on the misrepresentation of Islam stems from her families experiences in their home country. Ermina hopes to help build a bridge of unity by engaging in important conversations with others. In 2019 she served as a congressional intern for Congressman Andre Carson in Washington, DC and was awarded an intern scholarship by the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019. Ermina joined as an Ambassador in March of 2019 and was the first Emerald team member to get promoted to Director. In many ways Ermina paved the way for her fellow team members to ascend at Emerald Project.

    Ermina served Emerald Project as Ambassador and later as Director of Sponsorships & Outreach. Today Ermina serves refugees and migrants working at CCS.

    Served | March 2019 – May 2021

  • Taha Abdallah

    Former Director of Programming

    Taha is an Honors Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies student at the University of Utah. His father is from Tunisia and mother from Brazil. He is currently the President of the Muslim Students’ Association chapter at the U of U. Taha is the recipient of the Eccles Scholarship, a full ride scholarship, and the Foreign Language and Area Studies scholarship to study Arabic. His passions include history, soccer, and basketball. Taha’s goal as an ambassador with Emerald Project is to build bridges between communities. Taha has been with Emerald Project since its founding, and he has loved every second of it.

    Served until December 2022

  • Sam Bari

    Former Ambassador

    Sam is a pre medical student at Salt Lake Community College. Sam and his family fled to the United States in 2015 escaping the war in Syria. Sam earned a full ride scholarship through One Refugee program. Wanting to give back to the community, Sam has volunteered at the International Rescue Committee. He dedicates time as tutor, supporting a team that is developing a VR program to help new students refugees in partnership with the University of Utah and the International Rescue Committee.

  • Emina Mehmedovic

    Former Director of Finance & Controls

    Emina is a Bosnian American, her family came to the United States as refugees in 1998 in hopes of providing a better life for themselves. Both of her parents have worked hard labor jobs in the U.S. and their work ethic has inspired Emina to accomplish great things in her own life. Being the first in her family to attend a 4 year educational institution, Emina hopes to inspire other young immigrants to pursue their education because she knows it is one of the most powerful tools. Emina graduated May 2020 from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in Finance.

    Served | June 2019 – August 2023

  • Omar Ezzedine

    Former Ambassador

    Omar is Texas raised but Syrian by blood. At 20 years old he is a first-generation college student studying Computer science and Mechanical engineering. Prior to moving to Utah, he spent his time at several refugee programs in the Dallas area. Some of his pastimes are learning how to play instruments, swimming, and goofing around with friends. His goal at the Emerald project. He is to help combat the misrepresentation of Islam, and to set a good example of what it means to be Muslim to those who have never met a Muslim before.

    Served until January 2023

  • Mo Jaljouli

    Former Ambassador

    Mohammed is a Palestinian American, born and raised in New York City. He is passionate about giving back to his community and strengthening the Muslim society around him. Mo is a sports enthusiast with a deep passion for basketball. His athletic background brings with him, a strong sense of teamwork to the team. Currently, Mo serves as a valuable team member at Ken Garff, one of the most well known Car Dealerships in America.

    Served until July 2022

  • Nour Bilal

    Former Director of Controls

    Nour is a criminal justice student at Weber State University. Nour and her family moved to America from Syria in 2014. Her dreams are to finish college, write her book, and become a public speaker. She works as a Volunteer Specialist at Catholic Community Services. Nour also earned a full ride scholarship through the One Refugee program. She learned about Emerald Project through her English class as a service project, but she wanted to stay and become part of the team.

    Served until October 2023

  • Aya Sadat

    Former Chief of Staff

    Aya is a doctorate student in the Clinical Psychology Program at BYU. Her interest in psychology is fueled by a passion to diversify the field as well as advocating for culturally relevant interventions for diverse communities. Aya recently graduated from the University of Utah, where she was awarded the Outstanding Honors Student Scholarship and the Academic Merit CSBS Departmental Scholarship. She was also a social justice fellow, a research assistant, and a part of the student government. As a proud Muslim, American, and Syrian Aya hopes that with her passion and continuing education, she can work to uplift and advocate for her communities.

    Served until February 2024

  • Maimoonah Hussein


    Maimoonah Hussein was born in Baghdad, Iraq, forced to leave her country because of war, she grew up in Utah for the majority of her life. She is planning to attend the University of Utah, to pursue a career in medicine. Her passion for the medical field is fueled by her love of helping people. Her hobbies include playing basketball, art, and baking. Maimoonah strives to help those who are less fortunate and wants to play a big role in combating the misrepresentation of Islam. Joining Emerald Project, she hopes to help the new Muslim generation find their voice and learn how to stand up for themselves.

    Served until 2024

  • Shayma Salih

    Former Senior Director of Operations

    Shayma Salih is a first generation Kurdish American, her family came to the. U.S. from Kurdistan as refugees. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. During her time as an undergrad, Shayma served as ASUU’s Director of Diversity, Vice President of the Women of Tomorrow and Director of Service for the Asian American Student Association. In those roles, she constantly strived to create cognizance of injustice, by teaching and learning from the student body via conferences, dialogues, forums, and lectures. Through her efforts, she was able to create a campus culture that is welcoming of all students. She is passionate about serving her community and ensuring that they feel valued and welcomed in this country. Shayma joined Emerald Project in June of 2021, and was promoted to Senior Director of Operations in November of 2023.

    Served until April 2024