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Daughterhood is a struggle I reconcile with on the daily. I live up to cultural expectations of an American Pakistani Muslim.

Three significant labels to my identity in which recently the practice of yoga has helped me to explore even deeper. Life is an ever changing phenomenon. Every single day we are on some kind of journey, in search for a stable center. That center resides within me and yoga has guided me to uncover a deeper truth about myself.
I have grown up struggling to find a momentum in living a dual cultured life. I struggle to negotiate the ethnic traditions while still upholding my American roots. That can be challenging.

Yoga is a moment-to-moment practice in which you literally learn to let go and delve into an opportunity of liberation.
Liberation of the mind, body, and soul. It’s a safe space for me to welcome silence and listen to the wisdom that lies within me. I feel that the teachings of Islam are often misunderstood in finding the balance between the expectation of culture and religion. I believe the focus of Islam is to simplify your life and just focus on the basics. I surrender in my journey to find balance, strength, and flexibility in every aspect of life. These also happen to be the elements that make up the faith of Islam: moderation and flexibility.