3 Part Series: Is Islamophobia Real?

Is Islamophobia Real? Date: February 2017

In the footsteps of Khadija Date: April 6 2017

Who was the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ: April 22 2017

Location: Marmalade Library 280 W 500 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

This is where it all started. With our 3 part series.

The first-ever 3 part event series: “Is Islamophobia Real?”  launched Emerald Project in Salt Lake City and brought together Muslims and non-muslims from all over the valley to have a conversation as a community following the introduction of the Muslim Ban. 

The Audience
Imaam Yusuf speaking about Islam
The team that brought the first series to life!
Imaam Yusuf leads prayer for Muslims while non-Muslims attendees onlookers observe