The Emerald Project seeks to combat the misrepresentation of Islam.

About Us

The Emerald Project is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to combatting the misrepresentation of Islam. The Emerald Project believes that the misrepresentation of Islam has diverse and far reaching consequences. Among them: Islamophobia, misguided foreign policy, and the incorrect practice of Islam within Muslim communities. Our organization is unique, we fight misrepresentation simultaneously within the Muslim and non-Muslim community. Our diverse team is made up of young first and second generation Americans. We all speak two languages, we all share two cultures and are deeply proud of our mixed identities. We are cultural brokers bridging the gap of misunderstanding by separating what is culture from Islam, and what is political from Islam. We do this one conversation at a time. #LetsTalkAboutIt

Our Vision

Emerald Project’s vision is to bring about accurate representations of Islam to our media, institutions, and public discourse. To build a community where everyone understands what Islam is and is not. To recognize the difference between culture and Islam and difference between ideology and Islam.

Our Story

The Emerald Project held its very first event in Salt Lake City in February of 2017. Following the echos of a “Muslim Ban” and increased chatter on the topic of Islam and Muslims it was time to offer a safe space to have a real conversation, this time with a focus on the truth. Three young Muslim women led a team to put on our very first event. The ‘Is Islamophobia Real?’ series, held at Marmalade Public Library kicked off what would come to be the first of many conversations. Since then the Emerald team has expanded its reach to a diverse audience, ranging from the FBI, to Salt Lake Community College, Mulsims to non-Muslims, lawmakers to citizens, and individuals from all backgrounds and views. Today we are expanding our network and diving deeper to bring back the nuance to all conversations related to Islam/Muslims.

Misrepresentation on Two Fronts

1. Greater American Community: Emerald Project believes the vast majority of the greater American community is misinformed or misunderstands Islam (the religion) and what Muslims (the followers of Islam) believe. We carefully design dialogues to engage with the non-Muslim community to mutually increase understanding.

2. Greater Muslim Community: Emerald Project believes there is a lack of separation between Islam and culture. The misinterpretation of Islam has lead to societal norms and mainstream beliefs that are inaccurate representations of religion. Cultural traditions are often passed off as Islam when in reality they are not. This has resulted in mispractice of the religion and caused many to unfortunatley leave Islam althogether.

Our Values

Integrity: At Emerald Project we recognize the sacred nature of our discussion. Discussing Islam requires the utmost dedication to truth and accuracy. We take our word seriously, and strive to speak on knowledge we know to be accurate. We are committed to using ‘I don’t know’ for an answer when we don’t have the right answer.

Neutral Environment: We are committed to build a neutral environment where everyone feels comfortable to talk through their opinions and ask questions. A space where Muslims and Non-Muslims feel welcomed and heard.

Innovation: Emerald Project is reputable for being innovative with their methodology and cutting edge approach. We are committed to find the most effective way to combat the misrepresentation of Islam.

Transparency: Nothing is off the table. We are committed to exploring all topics realated to Islam and Muslims. and addressing any and all challenges to the representation of Islam. We invite controversial conversations and tough questions.